AREF-EDCTP have announced a joint call for a Preparatory Fellowship programme, due to be initiated in 2018.

(Please note the deadline for applications is October 13th 2017 - please see details below).

The objectives of this call are to:

1 – Enable outstanding African researchers (0 to 3-year post-PhD or MD) to:

  • Further advance their research skills, through short-course(s) and hands-on training, preferably using biological samples and/or data they or their home organisations have already generated.

  • Strengthen their competencies in project and proposal design and expand their professional networks.

  • Enhance essential “generic/transferable researcher skills” that have the outcomes of secure research relationships, impactful research outputs and effective use of fellowship/grant opportunities and funding.

  • Contribute to growing the community of researchers optimally equipped with knowledge and skills to address local research needs.

2 – Enable individuals to deploy their own scientific excellence, resourcefulness and research relationships to best effect in competing for early/mid-career Fellowships, such as (but not only) the AREF Research Development Fellowships.

3 – Enhance career development and early retention of postdoctoral researchers and postgraduate global health researchers in research in and for sub-Saharan Africa.

4 – To provide a firm foundation and increase the quality, efficiency and impact of fellowship projects funded by organisations such as AREF and EDCTP.


You can find out more and how to apply on the AREF and EDCTP websites:


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