An exciting new oppurtinuty has opened up at the KEMRI Wellcome Trust for a Mid-Level Postdoctoral Social Scientist.

Location: Kilifi, Kenya

Application deadline: 23rd January 2018

Position summary: An experienced mid-level post-doctoral social scientist with responsibility to develop and conduct research with a broad focus on ethics-related issues in the context of international health research in low-and-middle income country settings.

In the first instance, the post holder’s research will address social and ethical implications of research using Controlled Human Infection Models (CHIM) in Kenya, through an exploration of stakeholder perspectives and the socioeconomic and political context. CHIM research is an approach in which volunteers are exposed in a controlled way to disease pathogens or vaccines in development to study infection, immune responses or vaccine efficacy. These studies have the potential to fast track the development of new drugs and vaccines of high public health significance but present important potential social and ethical challenges that have been under-explored in low-and-middle income settings. There will be an opportunity for international collaborative and policy-related work on CHIM studies with sites in Africa and South East Asia, including through the Global Health Bioethics Network.

The post holder will contribute to social science and health systems strategic planning, implementation and teaching at KWTRP. Teaching will include PhD supervision, training of post-graduate and masters’ level research assistants, and organising and running short courses locally and externally. The post holder will contribute to strategic science and ethics support at KWTRP through proposal review and departmental management responsibilities.

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