A Skills Sharing Workshop took place on 2nd October 2012 and was the first event to be held in the Nyika Room at Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust, Blantyre. 120 people attended.

The purpose of the workshop was to launch the new Global Research Nurse network - part of Global Health network.

Presentations given at the workshop are available on this page. They covered a range of topics that are of interest to everyone working in clinical research, with some relating specifically to Research Nurses.

Photographs of the event can be seen on our Facebook page.





  1. Resources for Research at the Research Support Centre, Malaria Capacity Development Consortium, (MCDC), Vella Kaudzu, College of Medicine.

    Presentation given by Dr Wilson Mandala, PI MCDC

  2. The Research Programme of Malawi Liverpool Wellcome, (MLW) Blantyre.

    Presentation given by Vella Kaudzu, Assistant Clinical Manager, MLW

  3. The Role of Nurses in Clinical Research.

    Presentation given by Owen Daire, John Hopkns Project.

  4. Nursing Research in Malawi, presentation by Rabecca Ngalande from Kamuzu College of Nursing

  5. Global Research Nurses' Network. Presentation given by Nicola McHugh, Project Coordinator, GRN.

  6. Clinical Research at John Hopkins University Project, presentation given by Linda Mipando.

  7. Research as a Tool for Quality Care Improvement

    Presentation given by John Nepiyala, Nurses & Midwives' Council, Malawi


  8. Community Engagement in Clinical Research

    Presentation given by Elvis Moyo, College of Medicine

  9. Longitudinal trial of chloroquine monotherapy and combination therapy for uncomplicated falciparum malaria in children in Blantyre, Malawi

    Presenter: Patricia Mawindo, Clinical Research Coordinator, Blantyre Malaria Project, Ndirande Research Clinic, Malawi


    er: Patricia Mawindo
    Clinical Research Coordinator, Blantyre Malaria Project,
    Ndirande Research Clinic, Malawi.




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