Date: 27 March 2018
Location: Wellcome Trust, London
ISNTD Festival will bring together the creative arts and global health communities to explore the issues, challenges, opportunities and solutions that are needed to transform research into actual change.
Early bird registration until 31 December 2017
ISNTD Festival will aim to open the black box between informative research and policy and use science communication to oxygenate the issues around community cohesion, disease awareness, behavioural insight, behavioural intervention, stigma allievation, programme development, mental health, education, advocacy, fundraising and many, many more.
ISNTD Festival will have....
Plenary Speakers to guide thought leadership
Panel debates to stimulate cross talk and cross pollination of ideas between the panels and the audience
informative and practical interactive workshops to educate and develop solution
to shape discourse acoss the following themes....
Session 1: Communicating complex global health challenges: concrete creative examples from the field
Session 2: Digital Healthcare - community, data & healthcare creativity
Session 3 - From Science to Masterpiece: production strategies
Session 4: Monitoring & Evaluation: lessons learned and the road ahead
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