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Job Opportunities in Global Health

Please use this space to upload and discuss any upcoming job opportunities, just start a new discussion topic and get involved!


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Medic Mobile is growing. This is a unique opportunity to help design, launch, and provide exceptional support to a growing community of practice! We are looking for an enthusiastic community leader with ...

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The Global Health Training Centre e-Learning Courses

This discussion group has been created to provide an open space where anyone who has taken an e-Learning Course on the Global Health Training Centre can discuss the course with peers, ask questions of the course providers, offer feedback and contribute to the development of these evolving materials. Please feel free to start a new topic or join one of the ongoing discussion topics below.

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Training and Continued Professional Development

This group is an open space to discuss training opportunities, useful training resources/materials and any helpful information regarding continued professional development. Please get involved, share any useful resources and help others across this online research community.


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mi comentario es sobre el curso de las buenas practicas clínicas, es sorprendente como a nivel internacional hay esta formación y este flujo de conocimientos sobre hacer una investigación ética de forma ...

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Funding Opportunities

This discussion group provides an opportunity to share ideas and advice on funding opportunities and calls for applications. Feel free to upload information relating to funding applications and comment on existing posts; we will continue to routinely add calls for applications for funding opportunities.


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Very interesting suggestion! I don't have the opportunity to use it since I participate in another program more about this you will <a href="">find more</a> . But from my experience I can ...

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