The Global Health Trials Professional Membership Scheme is a free, online, system for maintaining an audited professional record and for accruing points to build on your professional skills and experience.

There are five tiers of membership which are determined by scores based on your prior experience and training, and on the accumulation of points for any on-going training and development activities which you may undertake.

The professional membership scheme levels are scored as shown in Table 1.

Table 1
Professional Membership Scheme Levels and Scoring
Tier Level Points
Foundation 1 0-736
  2 737-1472
  3 1473-2208
  4 2209-2944
  5 2945-3679
Affiliate 1 3680-4416
  2 4417-5152
  3 5153-5888
  4 5889-6624
  5 6625-7360
Professional 1 7361-8096
  2 8097-8832
  3 8833-9568
  4 9569-10304
  5 10305-11040
Associate 1 11041-11776
  2 11777-12512
  3 12513-13248
  4 13249-13984
  5 13985-14720
Fellow 1 14721-15456
  2 15457-16192
  3 16193-16928
  4 16929-17664
  5 17665-18400

You can earn points from the following:

  1. Academic qualifications
  2. Professional courses and qualifications
  3. Professional registration
  4. Relevant Publications
  5. Other professional development activities
  6. Core competencies

The number of points awarded for academic qualifications, professional qualifications, registration, publications and some ‘other’ activities (such as submitting training material to Global Health Trials) are shown in Table 2. There is an opportunity for the user to provide information about ‘other professional activities’ which they have been involved in. These activities will be considered and, if appropriate, scored by the panel once the user submits their profile for moderation.

Table 2
Supervision: > 6 students/staff400
Supervision: 1 – 5 students/staff300
Professional courses & qualifications200
Professional registration/membership200
Conference: Oral presentation200
Conference: Poster presentation100
Conference: Attended50
Publications: 1st author200
Publications: Last author200
Publications: Author100
Attending Training: 
Short course - (0 - 2 wks)50
Long course - (> 2 wks)100
Delivering Training: 
Planning or coordinating150
 Seminar/CMES/Journal Club: Presented 50
Seminar/CMES/Journal Club: Attended10
Global Health Trials: Submit training material100
Global Health Trials: Submit an article100
Global Health Trials: Reviewer50
Global Health Trials: Taking an e-learning course25
Global Health Trials: Blog15
Global Health Trials: Discussion10
Other relevant professional activitiesTBD

Core competencies are weighted, determined by whether you have no experience, are trained, have some experience, are capable, are experienced or are highly experienced at each task. Table 3 provides the definitions for each of the categories. The scoring ranges from 30 to 200 depending on the competency and the category applicable to the user’s skill and experience.


Table 3
Core Competency Categories
No experienceI have neither experience nor training in this task or activity.
TrainedI have received training (this can include formal/documented observing of others) but have no personal experience in this task or activity.
Some experienceI have performed this task or activity but not regularly or recently (less than one years’ experience, or occasional or past experience).
CapableI am capable in this task or activity, it is a part of my job and I am competent (1-2 years’ experience may be an appropriate guide depending on how often it is conducted and how complex the task).
ExperiencedI am consistently competent at this task or activity. It is a normal part of my job and I can conduct it confidently with no supervision (over 2 years could be a guide, depending on regularity of the task and complexity).
Highly experiencedI have been performing this task or activity for many years and I train others. I take a lead role in this task and would be involved in the design or operational aspect.

These definitions are provided in the right-hand menu of the Core Competencies Section.

Once you have completed and submitted your profile, it will take about four weeks for the moderation process and the awarding of your membership level to be completed. You will be awarded a score, together with the appropriate membership level (see Table 1). You will be able to print off a certificate and both your score and membership level will appear on your profile.

Remember, when completing your Professional Membership Scheme profile you can save and exit at any point and come back to complete later. You can return at any future point and add new skills, training or experience to increase your score. To learn how you can do this see the ‘How To Get More Points’ section.