Welcome to the Global Health Training Centre

The Global Health Training Centre is The Global Health Networks central hub for all your research training and continued professional development needs. The Training Centre brings together a wealth of training materials from across The Global Health Network, collaborating organisations, institutions and networks, and from reliable internet sources. The Training Centre is free, accessible to all and aims to provide research staff of all roles, all regions and all disease areas with the ‘how-to’ training materials required to safely conduct high quality research. The intention is that this platform is not ‘owned’ or based in any one organisation or location but is open access and participatory. The site has been built in such a way that it will provide easy access to the most appropriate training material for all those working on research, whatever their role or stage in their career. 

The Global Health Training Centre has several key areas all focussed on around research training and career development:

- Community:

This area of this site is for those seeking information or answers to a specific problem or question. Here you can post questions in a discussion forum or find an expert or peer to exchange knowledge and ideas to further career development. We hope that the discussion forums will produce useful exchanges that will identify examples of good practice that others can benefit from, or highlight research areas that have training gaps that could be filled on the network. The blog area is where we really encourage knowledge transfer by users, tell us about your experiences, frustrations and hopefully solutions; or simply tell us about useful trainings, meetings or conferences that others would find helpful.

- e-Learning Courses:

Our e-learning courses are designed to cover every step, process, and issue that needs to be understood in order to conduct a high quality research. Each course is highly pragmatic, adaptable and written to be globally applicable, so for all diseases and all regions. A certificate is issued on completion which can be used in your own personal training record. Each course is carefully researched to provide up to date and high quality material that is peer reviewed and regularly reviewed and updated. All materials recognise the source material, the author and their institutions, and the course reviewers.

These courses are built through the support and partnership of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World-Wide Antimalarial Resistance Network (www.wwarn.org) and The East African Consortium for Clinical Research (www.eaccr.org).

- Professional Membership Scheme:

The Professional Membership Scheme is a free, online, system for maintaining an audited professional record and for accruing career development points to build on your professional skills and experience. The scheme provides a secure and confidential training record and a graded career tracking scheme, as well as signposting trial staff to their next steps by guiding regular reviews with their managers or senior peers. Get started today!

- Resources:

Here you will find guidance articles from across The Global Health Network that relate to training and continued professional development. Some of these are written by the editorial team and many others by users of the network just like you. These guidance articles are frequently accompanied by downloadable, tools, templates, and example documents to further help a researchers.  We really encourage others to write articles or send in their templates and examples to share their expertise and help others in understand a specific step or method in research. You will also find all of the training resources from across The global Health Network collated and provided in the Resources Library. The resources include documents, guidelines, tools, templates and much more. Here you will also find links to e-learning resources, provided by other organisations, that are available online either free or at low cost. We recommend these resources as they help to support and enhance clinical research. Although many are disease specific their content is often adaptable. Also listed are various face to face training opportunities that regularly updated .

Please tell us if you know of any free online training resources or face to face training in any region that are available and are not listed here: training@theglobalhealthnetwork.org

- e-Seminars:

This section contains a series of e-seminars  from across the globe on research related topics. If you have recently recorded a seminar or would like to work with us create an online seminar please get in touch: training@theglobalhealthnetwork.org

Soon the Training Centre will be incorperating webinar software that will enable users to conduct or participate in live online seminars for free. Watch this space!