The Global Health Network continues to grow a successful programme of both face-to-face and virtual learning and skills workshops with several partners. Recently these activities have pivoted fully to online delivery, providing an opportunity to expand the reach of these workshops and to generate sustainable resources to share through The Global Health Network. We have been met with several requests to issue Certificates of Attendance for these skills-based workshops which would align with the face-to-face delivery mechanism. This reflects the commitment of participants in terms of time and engagement, providing a useful reference for their personal records. 

In light of greater dependence on this model, The Global Health Network operations team have developed the following aligned policy for issuing Certificates of Attendance for both face-to-face and virtual workshops.

Our criteria for Certificates of Attendance

The Global Health Network is happy to issue Certificates of Attendance to workshop participants where the following criteria are met:

  1. Only Certificates of Attendance will be issued (as opposed to certificates of ‘training’);
  2. The workshop has clear learning objectives which are developed and agreed between The Global Health Network and the co-host organisation(s);
  3.  The learning objectives are clearly communicated to participants at registration, at the start of the workshop and at the end of the workshop;
  4. In order to enable us to certify the course, the content will be delivered in one language (monolingual). If an additional language is required as an option, all content will need to be translated and provided as a separate stream/course/workshop;
  5. The participant registers for the workshop;
  6. The participant is in attendance for at least 80% of the workshop (for virtual workshops this will be verified by Zoom). NB, for multi-day workshops the participant must attend for at least 80% of the workshop each day;
  7. Upon completion of the workshop, the participant completes the workshop evaluation. The evaluation survey must be completed within 2 weeks of the workshop. 

Joining as a group

We anticipate circumstances where a group may wish to join a virtual workshop collectively from a classroom through one device. In this instance, the organiser within the institution should contact The Global Health Network in advance of the workshop to agree the basis upon which certificates will be issued. All criteria will apply and criteria 5 and 6 (above) will be adapted as follows: 

5. Each individual participant must register for the workshop via Zoom;

6. The organiser must collect a register by which they verify that each participant was in attendance for at least 80% of the workshop.  This register will be cross-checked with the registration information gathered through Zoom.

Due to COVID-19, we kindly remind organisers of classroom sessions to ensure they follow their local/national physical distancing guidelines.  

Your Certificate of Attendance will be emailed no later than one month after the workshop and once we have confirmed that you have met the above requirements. 

We process all Certificates of Attendance together around 1 month after the workshop. This allows us to reduce administration time. We kindly ask that you only contact us to enquire about your certificate after this time has elapsed.