Africa Research Excellence Fund

New Programme of AREF Research Development Fellowships

The Africa Research Excellence Fund is pleased to give news of a new opportunity for outstanding early-career African researchers. 

The new programme of AREF Research Development Fellowship is designed to enable talented, African postdoctoral researchers to develop their own research ideas and funding proposals through placements of up to 9-months in leading research organisations in South Africa, UK and continental Europe. 

The maximum award is £43,000 GB Pounds for a nine-month Fellowship.  The actual amount awarded will depend on the detailed justification provided by the applicant and the institution that hosts their placement.

The AREF Research Development Fellowships will formally be launched on 10 May 2015.  The first deadline for receipt of applications is 1 July 2015.  The first awards will be announced in October/November 2015.

The purpose of this announcement is to encourage potential candidates develop their ideas and to discuss them with potential advisors in European or South African organisations that could provide exciting, productive placements.

Further details can be found on the Medical Research Foundation website by clicking here.

A printable, shareable flyer for this opportunity is available in English and in French, by clicking on the the links below:

English: The Africa Research Excellence Fund is pleased to give news of a new opportunity for outstanding early- career African researchers.

French: L'Africa Research Excellence Fund (AREF) a le plaisir d'annoncer une nouvelle opportunité pour des chercheurs africains hors pair en début de carrière.

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Note - The Africa Research Excellence Fund (AREF) is setting up a College of Experts to serve as referees for the AREF Fellowship Programme. Are you an African Medical or health researcher with “principal investigator” expertise, and experienced in researcher training, supervision, mentorship and international collaboration? Please click on this link to learn more about the AREF College of Experts.