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Developments in the current biopharmaceutical arena demand that clinical data management (CDM) is at the forefront, leading change, influencing direction, and providing objective evidence.
CDM needs to draw on a broad range of skills such as technical, scientific, project management,information technology (IT), systems engineering, and interpersonal skills to tackle, drive, and provide valued service in managing data within the anticipated e-clinical age.

Lu ZW & Su, J. Clinical Data Management: Current status, challenges and future directions from industry perspectives. Open Access Journal of Clinical Trials, 2010, 2: 93-105.

  • I am a designer and i really accepted that the above information are correct.This will be really helpful for all.

  • raop_ukzn_ac_za Rao 23 Jul 2014

    I agree that the data manager should have these technical skills as it really helps make the job more rewarding knowing that you don't have to wait for IT to come around and help. I started of as an IT Manager and moved in to CDM and this has really helped me.