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The Trial Management Tool: a tool to help researchers manage randomised controlled trials

For a trial to be successful, it has to be well managed. A tool to support this, the Trial Management Tool, has been developed as part of the EC Framework 6 SUPPORT project ( (EC contract 031939). This tool packages a wide range of practical information about managing trials in low and middle-income countries into a single software tool. One particularly valuable feature of the tool is that it provides practical examples giving advice and tips based on the huge experience of running trials available within the SUPPORT consortium. These examples are sometimes text but we also provide audio and video clips of SUPPORT members and others speaking about issues based on their own trial experience.

The help you need in a single package
The Trial Management Tool was developed along the lines of a Help system, which means that the tool has a familiar interface, is searchable and can contain the full spectrum of electronic document formats. The Trial Management Tool is platform-independent, which means that the tool can be used with any modern browser running on, for example, Windows, Mac OS X or Linux. A screenshot of the web-version of the Trial Management Tool running in Mac OS X is shown here.

The Trial Management Tool is available in both English and Spanish. Moreover results from other parts of the SUPPORT project have been integrated with the Trial Management Tool so that users can use the tool as a type of portal to the whole range of SUPPORT’s tools and results.

You can download the tool on the top right hand side of the screen. Click 'download' - but then don't open the folder immediately, but unzip the folder by copying it to your desktop or personal files. Then, click to open it and click on the file names 'Trial Management Tool.html' to run the file.

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  • GHN_Editors The Editorial Team 26 Mar 2015

    Hello, we've had reports of people struggling to run this programme. When you download the file from the link above, you need to unzip it by copying it onto your desktop or personal files, rather than opening it directly from the link. Once you've done so, open the folder and click on 'TRIAL MANAGEMENT TOOL.HTML' to run the file.

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    A good resource for physicians new to Clinical Trials

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    Thanks Anuj for your kind comment.

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