These international anthropometric standards were developed to assess newborn size in routine clinical practice that are intended to complement the WHO Child Growth Standards and allow comparisons across multiethnic populations.

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  • faithonyangore FAITH ONYANGORE 5 Jan 2024

    accuracy is the aim for better monitoring of outcomes

  • winikidi Winifrida Kidima 30 Mar 2023

    This is an important course for individuals interested in maternal-fetal health

  • saleemagulzar Saleema Aziz Gulzar 20 Feb 2023

    This is useful course for HCPs in new maternal and child health

  • mehreenamer mehreenamer 8 Sep 2022

    Very informative and i am doing a research study related to wasting and this course will going to help me.Thank you

  • sandraornelas Sandra Lima Ornelas 7 Dec 2019

    Thank you for the opportunity to learn about this subject so important in newborn clinical practice

  • Me sinto horada em realizar mais um curso relacionado a um assunto tao prazeroso e de crescimento proficional.

  • nhealthdarfur Mohamed Yahya 2 Aug 2017

    good study

  • It is interesting to learn about measuring length for Newborn. Length has only been done in babies 6 months and above in Zambia and basically for nutrition purposes. Is this something that can be recommended to countries? How do developing countries manage the supply of the measuring boards? There will also be need to address the cultural or community perceptions related to boards. In Zambia during one of the nutrition program I coordinated boards were not well accepted by local communities, they were equated to coffins and there were a lot of rumours about it e.g. community were told by fellow community members that health providers were measuring size of the coffin to be bought for their child and would die in a short period.

  • nwachimokoro May N. O. Okoro 14 Jun 2017

    It is my desire that Intergrowth-21st standards for new born gain a better footing in resource constrain environment, with improvement in standard of care using skilled health force, Neonatal mortality and morbidity will grossly reduced. Early abnormalities will also be detected especially in malnourished infants.
    Kudos to INTERGROWTH-21st Century Standards for new born and other collaborating partners.

  • apogbayire apogbayire 14 Jun 2017

    So glad to learn about this. Is this being adopted and used by countries? How is this going to impact on growth monitoring? Ghana is currently measuring weight for height and weight for age combined but only for children under five. It will be interesting to add the unborn child too.

  • jackelinealger Jackeline Alger 27 Aug 2016

    I would like to know if the standards are still being collected. Is there any interest to collect data from regions not yet represented?

  • So glad for this course, also asking how to get the seca scale and the other measure

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