The aim of this survey is to seek the opinion of researchers globally as to the top priorities for COVID-19 research in their country and region. Several major international research funding organisations are planning further calls to respond to the current COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure their funding decisions will address critical global knowledge gaps, The Global Health Network in partnership with the African Academy of Sciences and UK Collaborative on Development Research are asking for your help to make certain current research priorities are globally correct, appropriate and applicable.

We have combined research priorities set out by the WHO in the WHO Coordinated Global Research Roadmap: COVID-19, March 2020 and a further list of additional priorities defined by the African Academy of Sciences with African based researchers. Through this survey, we would like your opinion on these current priorities so that funding agencies can direct funding to support the most critical priority research questions to address across the globe. 

In this busy time we know it is a lot to ask, however, we would greatly appreciate just 10 minutes of your time to answer these questions to help us inform international funding and policy bodies in their decision making going forward. We will also share the survey findings openly.

Take the survey now:

You can also access the translated versions of the survey here:  SpanishPortuguese and French 

This is a collaborative intiative between the The Global Health Network, The African Academy of Sciences and the UK Collaborative on Development Research (UKCDR). Findings will be shared openly. 


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