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AVAC (The AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition) and HAVEG (the HIV/AIDS Vaccines Ethics Group) are proud to present Strengthening Stakeholder Engagement through Ethics Review. This free, online, self-paced, certificate-generating, guidance-grounded, interactive course aims to strengthen ‘community’ or ‘stakeholder’ engagement in clinical trials through the ethics review process. While it focuses on trials of HIV prevention products, it may have broader utility because it gives a condensed overview of key features and practices of ‘engaged’ clinical trials. It has 6 self contained modules each with interactive activities and short quiz questions. Each module has about 30-40 minutes to complete.The course was developed with Researchers and Research Ethics Committee members in mind, however, other parties - such as sponsors or civil-society advocates - might may find this course useful. In more detail:
Module 1 describes the complexities of clinical trials and the ethics rationales for stakeholder engagementModule 2 examines how ethics guidance encourages researchers to engage stakeholdersModule 3 describes how ethics guidance encourages RECs to review stakeholder engagementModule 4 outlines three broad features of engaged clinical trials.Module 5 outlines three broad practices of engaged clinical trialsModule 6 encourages learners to apply prior learning to an actual protocol as well as several thought-provoking hypothetical scenarios.
The course is open and available at AVAC Engage. To take the course just register on the website and follow the prompts! Please help us improve the course going forward by filling in the short 10 item evaluation. Please feel free to contact Jessica Salzwedel ( with any comments.

  • dlainez03 dania lainez 21 Mar 2019

    ¡Hola! mi nombre Dania Melissa Lainez, soy estudiante de la carrera de medicina, cursando el octavo año, de la UNAH. Actualmente como medico infieri en el Hospital General del Sur, estoy realizando el proyecto de investigación titulado prevalencia del uso de alcohol y otras drogas y factores relacionados en personas mayores o iguales a 18 años, en el periodo marzo 2018 al 2019. Me he tomado el tiempo para realizar algunos cursos que se nos han brindado de forma gratuita en esta plataforma, los cuales me han parecido muy interesantes e enriquecedores para nuestra practica profesional. Saludes desde Honduras.