Good Clinical Laboratory Practice (GCLP) is a free, online, multi-module training course developed by The Global Health Network and the Global Health Clinical Consortium*.
GCLP: Method & Systems Validation is the fifth module of the seven module course 'Good Clinical Laboratory Practice'. This module examines GCLP guidance for the selection and validation of the analytical methods to be used in the laboratory and the computer systems required by the laboratory to receive, capture, process and report clinical trial data.
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The remaining modules of this course are under development and will be released sequentially once they are finalised and peer reviewed. A certificate of completion will be awarded for each individual module until all modules become available and an overall course certificate can be awarded.
* The Global Health Clinical Consortium (GHCC) is a collaboration initiated in 2009 and draws together leaders from 11 Product Development Partners (PDPs). Focused on combatting diseases that particularly aff¬ect the poorest, these organizations are involved in over 132 ongoing and planned clinical trials to develop vaccines, microbicides/preventatives, therapeutic products, and diagnostics. In addition to the customary challenges of conducting clinical trials, the PDPs face complexities working within resource-limited settings including new manufacturing partner relationships; dangerous political environments; challenges with electricity, hygiene, and connectivity; inadequate facilities and equipment; and working with vulnerable populations.


  • diaksidibe SIDIBE DIAKARIDIA 15 Aug 2018

    I found this program very interesting and improving for all medical researcher.
    I really appreciate it.

  • imtiazali imtiazali 16 Aug 2018

    Very happy & excited to see the module 5 of GCLP. I have already successfully completed a couple of GCLP modules & are going to start this module, keep it up the great work, its really a great learning,

  • mainamugoh ROBERT MUGOH 24 Aug 2018

    Very educative and would encourage all lab scientists to undertake the module.
    I really appreciate.

  • mainamugoh ROBERT MUGOH 24 Aug 2018

    Very educative and would encourage all lab scientists to undertake the module.
    I really appreciate.

  • gmwambingu gmwambingu 27 Aug 2018

    An important module to learn and I appreciate the contents.

  • enyakeriga enyakeriga 8 Apr 2020

    Quite informative and detailed module. I really appreciate how the module has been packaged. Thank you.

  • An important module to learn from for various fields of study

  • kanadaissa Kanada Isa 28 Mar 2022

    Is it possible to get a single certificate for all the modules, I completed the course but I would like to know if it is possible.
    Thank you for the great course that has improved my research skills.

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