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The African Academy of Sciences – a pan-African, non-aligned, supranational organization is conducting a study in Africa to assess factors contributing to or inhibiting womens' careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in Africa. The study aims to identify the challenges and opportunities that women in STEM face through their career.
The study's investigators are seeking the participation of women working in STEM fields in Africa, by answering questions in an online survey.  They are looking for female faculty staff, female students pursuing STEM related careers, women who are in Science industries, Research and other STEM-related institutions and agencies both in the public and private sector to share their experiences.
Please click the link below to complete the survey:
The study's objectives are to:
1. Identify facilitating and inhibiting factors for Women in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics in Africa.
2. Explore strategies that are in place or can be developed to help with recruitment, retention and success of young girls and women in scientific fields in Africa.
3. Document policy, legislative and organizational initiatives that can significantly reduce the gender gap in STEM in Africa.
Please circulate this post to female colleagues and friends working or studying in STEM fields and on social media to show support for this important initiative!

  • bhannahshepherd hannahshepherd 19 Apr 2019

    An excellent case that shows that we live at a time when people have more and more opportunities to fulfill their goals and desires. I hope someone from the contenders lucky.

  • charlestasaga Charles Tasaga 28 Mar 2019

    I am a graduate clinician with a Bsc. from the University of Manchester-UK, services management, Dip.Clinical medicine. I have worked in clinical settings as a civil servant as well as clinical trials and academia as a lecturer on the MPH prorgamme. I also have five years work experience in fragile environment under UN mandate notably Somalia and South Sudan as a clinician and health services manager. I am more interested in meeting academic and job oriented individuals.