First point of contact for most COVID-19 patients is primary healthcare workers facing tremendous challenges to tackle the situation. The major gaps in Public Health system is not just lack of skilled HR, Adequate Infrastructure, Training, adequate Resource allocation but its adeqaute resource mobilization and management which has been shown during pandemic and health emergencies.
Primary health care are riddled with several challenges and require strengthening on many fronts. Health workers are at the core of primary healthcare provision and the pandemic has necessitated rapid restructuring to ensure that they are better prepared to respond to the pandemic, while also ensuring their safety. This includes setting up a separate space to triage patients who may be infected by COVID-19, systematically ensuring physical distancing (among health teams and patients), using masks, and adopting other personal protection measures.
I propose six ways to support primary healthcare teams to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.
Capacity Building of HCWEstablish an early response to handle the situationStrengthening logistics and Supply ChainListen and respond to your team of HCWIdenfication of local resources and community supportMentoring and moral boosting


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