Deadline for submission: 10 April 2017
Do you or someone you know have a tech-enabled innovation that could help Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance reach more children with life-saving vaccines? If yes, then please submit these solutions to INFUSE 2017.  
Innovation for Uptake, Scale and Equity in Immunisation, or INFUSE for short, is an acceleration platform to identify proven solutions which, when scaled up, have the greatest potential to modernise global health and immunisation delivery. Each year, INFUSE calls for innovations that can help Gavi, governments, and partners reach more children with life-saving vaccines. INFUSE then works with expert partners of the Alliance to select the most promising innovations and ‘infuse’ them with the capital, expertise, and other support needed to scale them up.
INFUSE 2017 is calling for tech-enabled, proven innovations that promote immunisation uptake and improve health-service delivery in developing countries.  All innovations that leverage technology to address equity challenges, help reach and protect the under-immunised – whether low-tech or high-tech, whether addressing supply or demand issues – are welcome. Please note that proposals must have advanced beyond the pilot stage and be capable of being deployed at a large scale within 6 to 12 months. INFUSE 2017 is not seeking research or pilot projects. Deadline is 10 April 2017.
To submit an innovation for consideration and for more details on selection criteria and the annual INFUSE process please visit INFUSE website


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