15 - 17 November 2017 
Venue: Insitut Pasteur, Paris, France
Recent studies highlight the extensive metabolic cross-talk between the microbiome, either symbiotic or pathogenic, and its host. Microbial communities dip into the host metabolic resources and produce metabolites influencing major molecular and physiological processes. On the other hand, there is now wide-recognition that immune cell differentiation and activation is intimately linked to cell subset-specific metabolic reprogramming. This meeting will bring together leading investigators in the fields of immunology, microbiology and metabolism, to discuss how the microbiome-host metabolic cross-talk can be manipulated in novel preventive and personalized therapeutic approaches.
Abstract submission exclusively online : To ensure consistency, all abstracts are to be submitted via the online abstract submission portal before September 8th, 2017. They should be submitted in English language and not exceed 350 words (excluding authors and affiliations). 
Short oral communication will be selected among the abstracts submitted to the meeting. The remaining abstracts will be selected for presentations in the poster sessions.
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