Solutions for Education Management:
• Through the integration of vital data from various settings, Education Management Solutions assists companies in coordinating performance and capacities between training, education, and active provider care.• Competency-based performance data is easily integrated and analyzed by EMS systems for curriculum evaluation and student performance tracking.• Additionally, silos in learning management systems, video conferencing, OEM hardware, simulation training tools, and external data sources for reporting are eliminated by our open design.• Through the integration of experiential learning, virtual reality, and performance measurements and observations from classroom training, EMS provides a holistic learning foundation that enhances healthcare wherever and anytime.ANNOUNCEMENT! Call for Exhibitors: 14th Emirates Pathology, Digital Pathology & Cancer Conference from Dec 17-19, 2024 in Dubai, UAE & Online. Attention esteemed organizations in the healthcare industry! The 14EPUCG2024, an event dedicated to advancing Pathology practice and education, invites you to become an exhibitor at our upcoming conference.Book your Exhibitor spot here: us at
#ConnectWithCustomers #Cancer #EPUCG #BoothDisplay #ContentCreationExhibit #UCGShowcase #Pathology #Digitalpathology #Labproducts #HospitalityExhibition #PathologyEvent #SponsorshipOpportunity #ExhibitionOpportunity #PathologyCommunity #DubaiPathologyConference2024 #PathologyLeadershipThere are many advantages for your organizations to exhibit at the 14th Emirates Pathology, Digital Pathology & Cancer Conference from December 17-19, 2024 In Holiday Inn Dubai, UAE & Online.
1. More exposure for an Exhibitor through interaction with attendees (Pathologists, Researchers, residents) and 1 hr. workshop in between the sessions (400+ participants & 1000+ viewers)2. Put your business/products/services front and center on a 3*3-meter product showcase booth (Customizable)3. Get in front of thousands of audiences in your target market4. Brand awareness & gain media exposure5. Opportunity to generate awareness, and boost the perceived image of your business.6. Increase your reach and exposure to new clients, customers, and businesses7. Your organization’s name and logo will potentially be used during these outreach campaigns (Over 1 million Pathology Database)8. Reconnect with customers and engage with an audience through live Q&A, announcements, surveys & feedback9. To educate your customers about any upcoming upgrades or releases10. Again, increase your reach and boost your authority in your industry with a full online networking capability so attendees don't miss out on making valuable connections with your organization.11. A great chance to reconnect and get feedback on how your service or product is performing12. Generate strong leads13. Deliver great ROI14. UCG offers technology to easily capture data from people15. Collateral of your brand will be included. For example, conference proceedings, banners, apps, and maps can prominently display your logo.
For more details visit: are some benefits you can highlight for your pathology conference exhibit:Networking Opportunities: Connect with professionals, researchers, and educators in the field of pathology to build valuable relationships.Showcase Innovations: Demonstrate your latest products, services, and technologies to a targeted audience interested in pathology.Educational Sessions: Attend and participate in educational sessions, workshops, and presentations to stay updated on the latest trends and research in pathology.Brand Visibility: Increase brand awareness and visibility among a relevant audience of pathology professionals and decision-makers.Market Research: Gain insights into market trends, competitor offerings, and customer needs by interacting with attendees and other exhibitors.Recruitment: Identify potential candidates for recruitment, internships, or collaborations by engaging with students, researchers, and professionals at the conference.Professional Development: Enhance your knowledge and skills through educational sessions and discussions with experts in the field.Lead Generation: Collect leads and contacts from interested attendees to follow up with after the conference for potential business opportunities.Collaboration Opportunities: Explore potential collaborations, partnerships, or joint ventures with other exhibitors or attendees in the pathology field.Feedback and Insights: Gather feedback from attendees on your products, services, and brand perception to improve your offerings and strategies.Important Information:Conference Name: 14th Emirates Pathology, Digital Pathology & Cancer ConferenceShort Name: 14EPUCG2024Dates: December 17-19, 2024Venue: Holiday Inn Dubai, UAE & OnlineEmail: pathology@universeconferences.comVisit: here: your Exhibitor spot here: here: Registration here: Us: +12073070027WhatsApp us at


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