Hello Members
Hoping you are all well
Am called Mwesi Yosia from Uganda in East Africa, I hold a Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Community health.
I founded a community Based Organisation and our focus is on Promoting health and well-being of Young people living in rural areas.
I have a lot of passion for research because i believe the only best way to solve a community challenge starts by you understanding the challenge/problem you are dealing with, which can only be understood through research and studies.
I don't have a lot of experience in research but its my area of interest. I would love to participate in research studies and training to enable me sharpen my knowledge and skills on especially researching about health problems and how we can develop health and health related solutions for the rural communities.
I call upon anyone who can take me on as a field assistant, research assistant or any possible tanning to enable me live my dreams.
I am very flexible and mobile especially when doing what am passionate about and if it helps to support other people.

God bless you all


  • Great, good to know you have interest in young people and their health. I am a Ghanaian with some eclectic research training within the health and social sciences on adolescents and younger people. Lets get in touch and see how we can be supportive to each other. Send Email an email on sychrist2007@gmail.com


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