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Experiences of completing the introduction to clinical research course


  • Hi Everyone,

    This discussion spaces allows us to document our experiences of completing the Introduction to Clinical Research course. On Friday the 14th November 2014, I met with Lesley Workman and we discussed some of the challenges participants within our local study found with understanding concepts such as beneficence the different types of clinical research projects. If you have similar experiences please document them in this discussion session and let's hear answers from the community to clarify.

  • faldeelahfisher Faldeelah Fisher Nov. 24, 2014

    Hey guys!
    Thanks for a wonderfully comprehensible course! The explanations were clear and easy to understand. This was especially beneficial to me as I have no prior clinical research background. I am currently working as an Administrator in a clinical research centre, and the course has given me a good grasp of the terminology, processes and procedures used within the research environment. I was quite chuffed with my first attempt and will definitely be doing more courses!
    Fee :-)

  • Hey Fee,

    Just wondering what you thought of the environment that you completed the course in, would love to hear our feedback about the setup

  • sabraham Susanna Aba Abraham Nov. 25, 2014

    Hi, I must say this is a wonderful learning experience for beginners in the clinical research area. The concepts were thoroughly explained and well related so that it was easy to grasp. I got 100% on the quiz and received my certificate immediately. This is a great motivation to go on. I have recommended the site to some friends who are nurses and also want to become nurse researchers.

  • faldeelahfisher Faldeelah Fisher Nov. 26, 2014

    Hey Cody,
    The environment was pleasant enough, comfortable, and no distractions. My feeling is that you don't require a "fancy' setup for e-learning as you are mostly focus on your computer screen, than your surroundings. To be honest, I didn't give much thought to the surroundings, was too absorbed in the course matter! The snacks were great though - crunchy apples and walnuts! Yum :-)

  • This is a very interesting and exciting experience. The comprehensive nature of the course makes it more interesting going through it.
    I must however say, that one needs to have a private environment, devoid of any distractions, to be able to absolve all the vital information.
    It's really exciting, when you pass the quiz.
    Grateful to all those who worked to provide such materials. I already invited friends and colleagues to visit the site.

  • enyanzi Emily N Kabuye April 26, 2016

    Hi every one. I have not done the course yet, but the experiences I am reading make me feel like I should fine time to run through the course. Thank you GHT for the efforts

  • Hi Emily,

    You will definitely enjoy doing the course! If you have any questions during the course, the community is happy to help.

  • dwamocho dennis wamocho Jan. 17, 2017

    thanks such a insightful work well done

  • olayemiakinola3 OLAYEMI AKINOLA April 2, 2017

    i would say going through this short course is an exciting moment for me to build my career in research nursing. kudos to the great team that organized this courses for our consumption, knowledge and quality delivery in the field of research

  • chisomobandavm Chisomo Veremu Banda Dec. 26, 2018

    the course is very educative and useful in clinical setting.

  • carolynmati Carolyne Kemunto Mati Jan. 17, 2019

    wow....this is so educative

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