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Documenting our Q & A's whilst doing the introduction to informed consent course


  • earlyjaner Early Jane L. Ramirez 31 Aug 2022

    This is a very beneficial course

  • This is really helpful

  • azulmatielo José Gabriel Gómez 11 Mar 2022

    Buenas un saludo mi nombre es José Gabriel Gómez médico en servicio social de la universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras este tipo de herramientas me apaciona en verdad porque nos ayuda a evaluarnos y valorar las buenas prácticas clínicas y mejorar los aspectos más importantes ala hora de implementarlos

  • Buenas noches, mi nombre es Bruno Isaí Suarez, estudiante de la carrera de medicina de la UNAH, y me parece un gran recurso para nuestra generación y las que están por venir los diferentes cursos sobre buenas practicas clínicas e investigación, ya que nos explica de manera breve la importancia de hacer buenas investigaciones bajo el marco de la ética y las repercusiones y ganancias que estas generan a nuestro país.

  • Buenas tardes mi nombre es Kevin Molina, soy estudiante de la carrera de Medicina de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras, he recibido el curso Normas de Buena Practica Medica y Pregunta de Investigación, esto me generó mayor conocimiento sobre el tema y despejo algunas dudas sobre la realización de mi trabajo y la responsabilidad que adquiero como investigador.

  • Buenos dias , mi nombre es Michell Diaz soy estudiante de la carrera de Medicina por egresar pertenezco a la FCM UNAH , me siento totalmente complacida con las herramientas brindadas en estos cursos, los cuales me complace informar que realice hace 3 meses aproximadamente mostrandose de gran utilidad al momento de elaborar mi trabajo de investigacion previo a la opcion al titulo de Dr. En Medicina Y Cirugia.

  • maggiex2m maggiex2m 30 Aug 2021

    this course is really helpful

  • uwamwizalc Alice UWAMWIZA 26 Jun 2021

    Hello, this course is very useful in daily clinical practice

  • drchawchawwin79 ChawChawWin 6 Jul 2020

    Hi , the course is very useful in daily clinical practise.

  • gydnad Nadeem Akhtar 1 Mar 2020

    Informed consent and FP services in India have to move in tandem, Keeping in view the status of literacy especially in Rural India it is much required to have consent for the services, as in field we have observed that decision-maker is still not a woman but her husband or her mother in law for her reproductive choices, I have seen in field much time after PPIUCD insertion, Husbands came with saying how you did inseertion without his consent although the providers have consent by the delivered client, as it wasn't asked by her husband so issue arises, she gave consent because of her sufferings of having baby after every one year, so they also suffer lot and the providers too. So before consent, there is a need of holistic counselling for the family, all the benefits of the FP need to be articulated nicely to husband and mother in law, I feel then the improvement in maternal care services can be expected in a country like India.

  • imranamuhammad40 Imrana 24 Feb 2020

    I am Zoologist. Informed consent is highly important in researches that involved humans.

  • mrscoulette coulette andrews 24 Feb 2020

    Hello, I appreciate this contribution

  • Hi, I'm an anesthesiologist from Mexico, I've had the opportunity to receive training in clinical research and a Masters Degree in Health Administration. Our main concern with the Informed Consent, is that very few understands it as a process. the Informed consent it's not just a form to fill and sign at the very last minute in the OR, it is a process that begins with the first visit to the Physician, in which the physician has to learn a lot of possibly relevant information from the patient, after the initial interview comes examination to compliment and the use of clinical decision aids such as biochemical markers or imaging to make the most accurate diagnosis and offer the patient the best posible treatment plan available, best being defined by the patients beliefs, needs and financial possibilities. This plan should include the evidence to reach the diagnosis, the treatment plan offered along with a description of benefits, risks and harms associated to: 1) The clinical condition, 2) The treatment itself, 3) the current health status of the patient, 4) Alternative treatments, and 5) Choosing not to treat. If your patients can express, in their own words (no need for technical language) worst and best case scenarios and the reasons to choose 1 particular option, then and only then the patient is said to be given INFORMED CONSENT to DIAGNOSE/TREATMENT. Most physicians today seem not to be able to understand this as a process and the importance of being informed to shared decision making, and thus have tried to translate this process to a generic form/document

  • i am a social scientist in Anthropology with IT and have a lot of interest in medical research especially the social aspects. out of my experience, i highly believed that informed consent is very vital when dealing with patients. there can erupt various conflicts if the consent is either misinterpreted or not given at all. this is an important consideration for the success of any research. informed consent involves giving a brief but detailed information on the research or project, benefits, potential risks of the intervention and giving the opportunity for the patient to decide to participate voluntarily.

  • I am Bioethicist and informed consent (IC) is a very important tool in the medical/patient relationship but is not well understanding by many health professional in clinical practice many time the IC is interpreted like a formal information and the patient not know anything about the disease so my proper opinion the IC must be educated too. the information to provide must improve the acknowledgment of the patient to obtain a better decisions

  • eeojok Emmanuel Ojok 6 Oct 2019

    I am passionate of conducting many research interviews, so I need to understand better what informed consent means in any interview.

  • alfredlahaijunior ALFRED LAHAI JUNIOR 21 Aug 2017
  • luckdipika Deepika Thapa 13 Aug 2017

    Introduction of informed consent

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