Ridwan Adekunle Sanni

About: My objectives are to get adequate training in Global Public Health. I am very skillful and I am a quick learner. My dream is to contribute significantly to the improvement of health provision and societal stability in Nigeria, developing countries and the world at large. Since my graduation from University I have been very busy with clinical work, as well as teaching having little time for other activities in spite of my interest in sports and research. During my university days I played Court tennis and football. I like watching football at every possible opportunity. I like picnics, camping, traveling and bicycle and motorbike riding.

Location: The Gambia
Job: Laboratory Staff


  • Medical Laboratory Technician at Sharab Medical Center

    10 Jan 2014 -


  • Zoology at University of Jos
  • 9 Mar 2007 - 5 Mar 2012

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