Dr. Md Arifuzzaman Khan

About: My name is Arifuzzaman Khan, currently working as a senior research investigator in the infectious diseases division of icddr,b, an international public health institute based in Bangladesh.I am a medical doctor by training (hold a bachelor degree in medicine-MBBS). I have been conducting numbers of RCTs and other epidemiological, clinical and immunological studies as a research clinician for past 6 years with icddr,b and co-authored several research articles in top rated journal Like, NEJM, The Lancet,Vaccine etc.I am curious about clinical trial methodology, estimating disease burdens ( both mortality and morbidities including disability). I am looking for a suitable PhD position from a reputed university and want to carry out my research activities.I dream to become a leader in the field of infectious diseases and disability.

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Job: Investigator


  • Senior Research Investigator at icddr,b

    2 Jan 2011 -

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