The Basic Malaria Microscopy Learner’s Guide is a World Health Organisation (WHO) publication. The WHO have very kindly granted permission for the replication of the Guide in an e-learning format.

For the purposes of presenting the Guide as an e-course it has been divided into five parts. Each part of the course takes 30 to 45 minutes and must be completed in order. You can save and exit at any point throughout the course.

The five quiz sections presented at the end of each part of the course are not part of the Basic Malaria Microscopy Learner’s Guide. They have been created by the Global Health Network to help you test your knowledge of the course and to gain a certificate to demonstrate that you have completed it. Certificates are issued on successful completion of all five parts of the course:

  • Part one - comprises of Learning unit 1 to Learning unit 3

  • Part two - comprises of Learning unit 4 and Learning unit 5

  • Part three - comprises of Learning unit 6 and Learning unit 7

  • Part four - comprises of Learning unit 8

  • Part five - comprises of Learning unit 9 and Learning unit 10


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