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Welcome to The Global Health Network Professional Development Scheme. This is a system open to all levels of staff who work on clinical trials and research studies. The scheme has been based upon The Global Health Network and TDR Global Competency Framework for Clinical Research and is a flexible framework which lists all the competencies that should be demonstrated by a research team to carry out a successful study. The framework can be applied to any study, regardless of the size of the team, place, disease focus and type of research. Together with its supporting tools, the framework can be used to plan staffing requirements for a study, to carry out appraisals of staff, to guide career development, and to create educational curricula for research staff.

The Global Health Network Professional Development Scheme provides a comprehensive, high quality mechanism for recording, tracking and guiding training and professional development in the field of clinical research. Read more.

About the scheme

  • A secure and high quality facility for all staff working in clinical research.
  • CV and training record built overtime.
  • Securely and privately store copies of all your certificates and other career development related documents.
  • Build a portfolio that will develop with your career and learning and will stay with you through different jobs and roles.
  • You will be able to save your portfolio as a PDF and print off any element as needed.
  • If you are part of an affiliate programme your team lead can work with you to track your development over time.
  • Supports your career and guides your development.
  • The membership levels are as follows;
    Foundation (level 1-5)
    Affiliate (level 1-5)
    Professional (level 1-5)
    Associate (level 1-5)
    Fellow (level 1-5)

Information for affiliates and organisations

If you would like to discuss this scheme and the potential for using it to develop and build teams capacity as part of our affiliate programme please contact us at