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Research Ethics Online Training is adapted from an e-learning course and resource package designed and produced by the World Health Organization (WHO) for use by internal staff. Research is a vital ingredient for improved global health, and scientifically sound and ethically appropriate research is especially important in resource-poor settings where the need for locally applicable research findings is so great. Therefore, the WHO has very kindly granted permission for the adaptation of this resource in a format and platform that is accessible to all. Please note, this course is not accredited by the WHO, and has been updated in collaboration with The Global Health Network.

This is a substantial course and each of the 10 areas addressed is available as an individual module. We recommend that you navigate the course in the order defined below. Each module varies in length, but no module should take longer than 15 to 30 minutes to complete. When you exit a module, the system will save your progress so you can continue from the same point when returning to the course.

The quizzes for each module have been created by The Global Health Network to help you test your knowledge of the course material and to gain certification to demonstrate that you have successfully completed each module. Each quiz does not have to be taken in order, but we recommend that each quiz be taken directly after completing its associated module. A certificate will be issued per module on successful completion of the quiz (minimum of 80% required).

Translations of this e-learning course are in process and will be made available as soon as possible.

Before beginning the course, please take 5 minutes to read through the course introduction and overview by selecting the link below:

Course Modules


Introduction to research ethics

Principles and guidelines


Evaluating risks and benefits

Issues in study design

Understanding vulnerability

Obligations to research participants

Engaging with communities

Privacy and confidentiality

Informed consent

Other ethical issues

Additional Resources

Research Ethics Online Training Glossary

Research Ethics Online Training Case Studies and References

Research Ethics Online Training Key Documents

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