This scheme offers national of low-and middle-income countries the opportunity to receive training at Master's degree level. 
The Wellcome Trust is offering the following scheme at a glance:
Career stage: Postgraduate training 
Where your host organisation is based: Low-or middle-income countries
Type of researcher: Public health 
Level of funding: £120,000 including salary, studentship stipend, fees and research expenses
Duration: 30 months (12 months taught Master's course and 18 months research project)
For more information on eligibility and suitability please click here


  • jsundaygar2008 B. Timothy Sundaygar 10 Aug 2018

    Dear sir, Thanks for having me to have my saying on this educative medium, I write to express my interest in the international master's fellowship program. i will be very happy if the master's fellowship could be awarded to me for studies. Thanks and I await your response. B. Timothy Sundaygar

    Attached files: Attestation_2017_3.png
  • leandro Leandro Abade TGHN 15 Aug 2018

    Dear Timothy, please note that we are just advertising the scholarship that is being provided by the Wellcome Trust. If you would like to apply, visit their website for further information. Yo can find more information on this web address:

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