Registrations are open for the Conference which will be packed with innovation, research and ideas. Make your New Year’s resolution happen today and commit before the Early Bird Rate ends on 18 March 2019!
Reminder: Submit Your Sydney StatementDid you want to contribute to the inaugural GHS Conference but missed your chance? Although abstract submissions have now closed there is still a chance to have your say by submitting your ideas for the GHS Sydney Statement. The Sydney Statement will capture the boldest and most strategic thinking of governments, international organisations, civil society, scholars, and private industry to chart the future direction for managing and improving health outcomes. It will couple these ideas with commitments from partners to accelerate the necessary changes, and it will provide an opportunity for organisations and individuals to formulate their own promise to improve the outcomes of Global epidemics and health crises.
Are you based in a Low/ Middle Income Counrty? Benefit from lower registration fees, for more information please click here.


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