Asset Africa Institute, (, is pleased to host the following symposium set to take place in December 2017.
Event Title: Africa NGO Governance, Leadership & Management Symposium
Date: 29th November-1st December 2017
Venue: Two Rivers Mall, Nairobi, Kenya
Close of Registration: 27/10/2017
12 high level speakers from across 3 continents discussing the most topical issues ,a serene scenic atmosphere, probably the best networking opportunity you have had in 2017…you want to be there!
For registration to the symposium contact:
Lillian Ateng
Symposium Co-Coordinator
Asset Africa Institute
Trust Mansion Hse, Tubman Road off Koinange Street
P.O. Box 12903 - 00100
Nairobi, Kenya
Email: /
Introduction/Need for Symposium
Asset Africa Institute is proud to host the Africa NGO Governance, Leadership & Management Symposium from 29th November to 1st December 2017 at the exquisite Two Rivers Mall in Nairobi, Kenya. The symposium brings together Executive Directors, Country Directors, NGO Board Members, Program Coordinators, Grant Managers, Program Managers and Representatives of Donor Agencies from across the globe at an experience sharing forum to interrogate practices and perceptions, explore possibilities, create/expand networks and share ideas, strategies and innovations with peers and inspire participants on new perspectives to boost organization and program performance.
Background to the symposium
The role of NGOs in national development cannot be refuted- NGOs are, perhaps, the greatest actors in rural development in many African countries-implementing myriads of positive programs in hard to reach areas, they help create employment, increase revenue streams for governments, are largely credited with efforts and measurable results in mainstreaming marginalized issues-gender, youth, human rights advocacy, environment and climate change concerns- in addition to greatly contributing to the increasing growth and uptake of participatory planning techniques in national planning processes among many governments.
There are, nonetheless, some common governance, leadership and management challenges continually facing NGOs globally-issues relating to budgeting, budget control and management, organization governing structures and processes, institutional strategic planning, staff recruitment/ training/retention/discipline & discharge/, change management, the management of external relationships(donors/stakeholders/beneficiaries relations with government, other non-state actors/the business sectors/) internal conflicts concerning fund raising and expenditure priorities, evaluations, management of internal decision making processes and institutional accountability and management of expectations including donor and beneficiary demands/expectations which are more often at variance among others.
Thus, because NGOs play such a critical role in national development, improving their governance and leadership functions is crucial to their effectiveness and the participation of NGO leaders and managers in the symposium opens new pathways for organization stability, growth and outreach.
The Africa NGO Governance, Leadership & Management Symposium is an international forum for reflection and introspection for NGO leaders and managers to among other benefits, help participants interrogate strategies and policies to strengthen NGO’s effectiveness through the establishment/institutionalization of strong accountability practices necessary to drive significant social changes among the communities they work in, identify/evaluate/adopt successful strategies for positive engagement with both internal and external actors including improving communication channels, processes and outcomes with (national) government agencies, evaluate their relationships with outside actors including intervention beneficiaries to improve performance outcomes and help bridge the “credibility gap(where it exits), help participants establish effective networks for coordinated responses to social challenges including aligning their development strategies and policies to SDGs, and overall reinvigorate their roles as major actors in development processes in building a sustainable future for communities once back to their countries.
Call for papers
Presentation of cutting-edge research, innovative strategies and concept papers that address issues related to NGO governance, leadership and management as critical actors in amplifying their role in national development is at the heart of the symposium. Asset Africa invites interested NGO Leaders, Managers, Development Professionals, Scholars and independent researchers with original research, ideas, innovative projects/ and or other original proposals to submit both abstracts and full length papers for presentations both orally and symposium publications. Submission of abstracts for paper, poster or panel / round table sessions/symposium publications should fall within the following broad areas:

  • Strategic Models for Sustainable Resource Mobilization

  • Overcoming Leadership & Governance Challenges among NGOs in Africa

  • Ethical Issues in NGO Governance

  • NGOs, Governance and Sustainable Development in Africa

  • Justification for continued existence of NGOs in Africa

  • Leveraging the role of Social Media in improved Communication among NGOs & Government Agencies in Africa

  • Topics for Discussion at the Symposium

NGO Governance

  • Current issues & conversations on NGOs in Africa

  • Integrating NGO board’s performance enhancement framework with institutions internal controls, accountability, transparency and efficiency mechanisms

  • Confronting causes of dysfunctions of boards

  • Africa, CSOs & dynamics of poverty-justification for continued existence of NGOs: A critical assessment of the value of the role of NGOs in a 21st century Africa

  • Aligning NGO leadership to organization policy-Interactions of NGO leadership, Institution policy & the fight against corruption in Africa

  • Organization growth & program expansion- the need for Capacity Assessment for NGOs

  • Addressing the challenges of management of INGOs-Policy guidelines & lines of autonomy

  • NGO Leadership

  • Consolidation of ethics, professionalism and transparency values systems in procurement management

  • Improving the leadership and governance of NGOs in conflict situations: The Ideal vs. Reality

  • Bridging the “Confidence Gap”-strategies for renewed trust & confidence

  • Creating effective & sustainable CSO networks

  • Institutionalization of performance evaluation for organization growth

  • NGO Programming/Management

  • Integrating NGO institution policy, programming and topical global cross-cutting issues-Special focus on NGOs SDGs and Climate Change

  • Proven strategies for Team management for model programs

  • Improving stakeholder management and engagement-Framework for analyzing the dynamics of government/ Stakeholder & NGO Relations

  • Media and NGOs-improving media relations: Strategies for Promotion of NGO Visibility

  • Resource Mobilization: Nonprofit Technology & Strategy/Developing Digital Campaigns for nonprofits

  • Transformational Leadership-Managing projects for success -Developing a Global Mindset

  • Personal Development Issues

  • Integration of Innovative NGO Leadership and Organization Performance

  • Strategies for Achieving and Sustaining Peak Performance-Improving the Power of Mental Imaging & Employment of Compartmentalize Visualization Techniques

  • Develop into a dynamic, charismatic personality-Developing the Ten Qualities of charismatic leader

  • Stress Management for Senior Managers-A study into the 10 fundamentals of Happiness

  • Managing Conflicts—Improving Decision-Making Processes & Role Clarification

  • Staff career development-Developing career structures & Budgeting for Staff Training


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