Date: 19-23 June 2017
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Cost: USD 995

Asset Africa Institute, is pleased to announce the following trainings confirmed for June 2017

Training Brief
Whereas the institutionalization of M & E practice has strengthened program design, implementation and results, its fast evolution has nonetheless imposed certain application challenges even among experienced project managers.
In many recent M & E workshops, common questions have kept cropping up: What are the practical differences between the various evaluation criteria? Is there a difference between Project Evaluation, Monitoring, Inspection, Appraisal, Review and Audit? How relevant is the Results Chain to project design and evaluation? How would a project designer explain the rationale for having “a theory of change” in project design to say a donor? How would you define the limits of evaluation? What are the main purposes for M&E Frameworks and how do they relate to project planning and performance management, which is the best evaluation model? Which types of programs would we best apply Performance Based Monitoring? Or complexity-aware monitoring etcThis 5 day intensive hands on training enhances participants’ understanding of M&E- from Planning, Monitoring, application of evaluation models and learning cycle -among project staff enabling them to demonstrate skill, expertise and confidence in the application of M & processes, tools and concepts.
Who to attend: Program Managers/Officers, Project Managers/Officers, Planners, M & E Staff, Post Graduate Students, Independent Researchers
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