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The University of Oxford MSc in International Health and Tropical Medicine provides a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary foundation in global health. This exciting new course embraces the breadth and complexity of global health challenges facing resource limited contexts and equips candidates with the tools and awareness to contribute to innovative solutions. The course is embedded within the Oxford Centre for Tropical Medicine and Global Health and benefits from the Centre's reputation and expertise in Global Health research and practice.

The course aims to develop students:

• knowledge and understanding of the major global health problems in resource limited settings and their potential solutions;
• knowledge and skills in research techniques applied in the analysis of global health problems, including quantitative and qualitative research methods, health policy and systems research and public health, with opportunities for training in additional specialist fields;
• capacity to critically appraise evidence in global health;
• skills and practical experience in researching specific health problems.

Upon completion of the course, students will be equipped to continue to advance their knowledge, understanding and skills further in research or professional practice in the field of global health. In the future we anticipate our graduates will assume leadership and research positions within major international health organisations and ministries of health.

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  • nure113 Nurilign Abebe 19 May 2015

    I want to learn international health and tropical medicine. I have masters degree in public health and working as instructor and researcher in Debre Markos University, Ethiopia.

    This course will help me to strength my career and will contribute to my nation.

  • liamboggs Liam Boggs 18 May 2015

    Dear Gaone, there are many universities that currently offer masters courses in global health by distance learning such as the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine:

    Most Masters by distance learning come with a cost associated but many offer scholarships to candidates from Low-and Middle-Income countries. Alternatively the Peoples-Uni offer a low cost alternative to achieving a Masters in Public Health by distance learning:

    It all depends on what type of Masters course you are looking for.

    I hope this information is helpful.


  • glbatshegi GAONE LUCAS BATSHEGI 17 May 2015

    Hi....I want to know which masters courses I can do online... Im a holder of bachelor of science degree in medical lab sciences.

  • nicolamchugh Nicola McHugh 9 Mar 2015

    Dear Afisulahi,
    This course in based in Oxford, UK, on-campus. There are Master's courses that you can do online, but I am afraid not this one.

    best wishes
    TGHN team

  • hafeezmaiyegun hafeezmaiyegun 7 Mar 2015

    Please, is the MSc in International Health and Tropical Medicine an online or on-campus only course?

  • liamboggs Liam Boggs 20 Nov 2014

    Hello Ridwan,

    Apologies for the delayed response. The MSc in International Health and Tropical Medicine is different course to the MSc in Global Health Science. On the website for this MSc it states that 'Applications for entry in October 2015 have not yet opened. We are currently awaiting our official course code. We anticipate that applications will open late November/early December 2014'. The Programme Code is still pending so until this is finalised you will be unable to apply but this will hopefully happen very shortly.

    Best wishes,


  • read1san Ridwan Adekunle Sanni 12 Nov 2014


    Please I need clarification, in the course of my application for this Msc program, I could not find "MSc International Health and Tropical Medicine" so I would like to know if it is the same MSc Global Health.
    Best Regards!!!

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